Personal Accounts

David Berrie: Images and small diary as written by Flight Sergeant David Berrie, RAF, POW in Stalag 3A near Luckenwalde in Germany.

Duncan Black - He trained and led a team of forgers, which produced hundreds of passports, travel passes and other documents. It was a struggle to obtain enough paper for the operation.

Michele Zotta - A translated document of a taped interview of an Italian prisoner's experience in Stalag IIIA Luckenwalde
Nathan and Leo - 2 Stalag 3A POWS meet 60 years later
PFC John F. Peters - This is the War Story of PFC John F. Peters as proudly recorded by his daughters.
Diary of a French soldier - POW at Stalag 3A (English translation to follow)

Sergeant Robert Allan Anderson (AG) - Royal Canadian Air Force, World War II – European Theatre.

TORTURE MARCH: The Last Mile To Luckenwalde