French Prisoners of War

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Leon Lussiez

My grandfather, who stayed in Stalag III A - 611, was named Leon Lussiez. His prisoner number was apparently 33.633. He was captured in 1940, in Lille (North of France).

When my grandfather was alive (he died at 89), he told me that he had been working in Wurstermarke (surely in Kommandos), for a guy selling vegetables and in the fields, "gardening". The owner of the farm was named something like "Frout". My grandfather told me that he was liberated by Russians. A few days prior to this, bombings on Berlin began and he told us that this bombing continued night and day without stopping. It was so important that they were jumping on their beds. He returned to France by train. He had lost 28 kilos and a good part of his teeth.

Written by Sylvia Beure as a tribute to her grandfather and all the soldiers who "unfortunately knew the status of War Prisoner in Germany."



My father was a French prisoner in Stalag 3A. He wrote a diary from the
time of the "drole de guerre" to the liberation of the camp by the
Russian. This document shows the atmosphere and mood of simple ordinary
men transplanted in a world out of anything they had known. This booklet
in French has been typed by his grand-daughter who added a small
introduction. Thank you to all those who don't forget... J.F.

Diary in French...English translation to follow