S.S. Soldiers and Hitler's Youth

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No simple answer can be given to the question; how could this man with his unspectacular background, become elevated to such power and then use it to attract and enlist the support of millions in the execution of policies which destroyed property and lives on an unprecedented scale.

That such a “perversion” could emerge in one of the most culturally and scientifically advanced nations of the world, defies rational explanation.

Indeed, thousands of books and scholarly commentaries have addressed the above question. Hopefully, someday we will have some answers, which will protect humanity from such evil.


Goebbels and Hitler Youth SS Sturmbahnnfuhrer Bachman

SS Brigadefuhrer Wisch SS Sturmbahnnfuhrer Max Wunche
SS Standartenfuhrer Fritz Witt SS Generalleutnant Demmelhuber
SS Sturmbahnnfuhrer Buchner SS Haupscharfuhrer Vandieken
SS Sturmbahnnfuhrer Fritz Witt
SS Oberfuhrer Fgegelein
 SS Sturmbahnnfuhrer Buchner
SS Obersturmfuhrer Bremer
 SS Sturmbahnnfuhrer Werner    
 * These SS officers were not necessarily commandants of prison camps. They are just interesting studies. One may wish to research their biographies on the internet.