Eleanor O'Rourke, granddaughter of David Berrie, who in 1998 was a second year pupil in Scotland. As a project, she told the story of her grandfather, David Berrie, who was a POW in Stalag 3A near Luckenwalde in Germany. David Berrie was born on the 27th, November 1922 and was Flight Sergeant in the RAF. He was taken prisoner on 28th July 1944. While in the camp, he obtained a number of photographs that were later published by Eleanor's school in an Internet project. Upon request, Mr. Berrie kindly duplicated the negatives and sent them to me. From his recollection, he writes: " I believe it was Mr. Black (known as the 'forger' and portrayed in the film 'The Great Escape') who made the photos available to me after the war as he certainly had an illicit camera whilst a P.O.W at Stalag Luft 3 and subsequently Luckenwalde." I am deeply indebted to Mr. Berrie and his family for making this information and images available for publication on this website. LF

Images and Diary of Flight Sergeant David Berrie,RAF. POW in Stalag 3A near Luckenwalde in Germany.

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Prisoners digging a deep trench. This was the outdoor latrine. A wooden “saw-horse” supported the “buns” of a number of GI’s simultaneously
"After an acute attack of diarrhea, I remember crawling over the sleeping forms of the GI's, dashing out to spend ungraceful moments under a bright moon and the watchful eyes of the tower guard."
Stalag 3A
Interior of tent. Men slept ten abreast two lines separated by a narrow isle which lead to the exits, totaling 400 men per tent.
Tent plans - Stalag 3A
Stalag 3A

A Wehrmacht (German Army map) section which shows the city of Luckenwalde. The X (visible on the enlarged image) shows the location of Stalag 3A.

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